The Hidden Gems You Haven’t Explored

When the temperature is balmy and the warm coastal winds sweep through, it’s clear why Miami became the ideal vacation spot for the leisure-seeking elite as far back as the late 1800s. On one of those perfect days recently, a trio of culture-seekers came to Miami to find the heartbeat of this city that few of today’s travelers ever get to see.

Go beyond the sun-dappled coastline, and the bustling metropolis stretches into a network of neighborhoods that represent the rich, diverse mix of people who have settled here. Cubans congregated in Little Havana, West Indians converged in Little Haiti, and developers and artists together created the Wynwood arts district — all throughout the city, such micro-regions popped up. Recently, Miami has come into its own with a community that realizes its strength lies in that diversity, and a fresh energy that permeates everything from the food to the architecture to the arts.

As you move from one neighborhood to the next, familiar scents follow you: the distinct smell of baked sand, salty air, orange blossom and smoky tobacco (which a master perfumer attempted to bottle in the early 2000s). These are the untouchable souvenirs that remind you of Miami long after you’re gone. Come along to discover Miami through the eyes of three vacationers — experts in food, design and architecture.

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